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Want a Lightweight Sluice Try a Buckabilly Sluice!

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Video made by Ed Marvin, he also makes an attachment for sluices

Video by Ed Marvin's mini hopper for buckabilly sluice

For mini hopper purchase contact us and we can give you Ed's contact information.

*******Want a lightweight sluice box try a buckabilly sluice!*******

Lightweight Aluminum buckabilly sluices are constructed of sheet aluminum, expanded aluminum, aluminum riffles, and stainless steel bolts not steel so you can run a magnet down them without magnetizing your sluice, riffles, or expanded metal. The 40" is designed with the 7” flume and has a wide 19” flair which enables more water flow for slower water conditions or you can get the 14" flare for faster flowing water.


    SB2400  24 "x 7" $75.00 - 3 1/2 LBS

    SB3414  34" x 7" with 14" flare $95.00 - 5 LBS

    SB4019  40" X 7" with 19" flare $105.00 - 6 LBS

    SB4014  40" x 7" with 14" flare $100.00 - 6 LBS

    SB3600  36" x 10" sluice $110.00 - 8 LBS

    SB4920  49" X 10" with 20" flare $135.00
10 LBS

Plus s/h

Buckabilly Sluices

SB3414 (7"x34" with 14" flare)

SB4014 (7"x40" with 14" flare)

SB3600 (10" X 36" sluice)

Chuck Lassiter order at midwestprospector.com

order direct from midwestprospector.com

This is a book that is expertly written by Chuck Lassiter. He is an expert at prospecting in the Mid West. Chuck has been a prospector in the mid west since he found his first nugget at age nine. He has dedicated his life to prospecting and has put a lot of research and time into this book. This book will benefit the new and experienced prospectors. Check out his web site for ordering information.



Chuck Lassiter's new hydro force midwestprospector.com


Logo by Joshua Janes, www.joshuajanes.com

Logo by Joshua Janes
T-Shirts now availiable with logo!!

This logo was a lot of fun to work with Josh on, he has taken our ideas and created exactly what we were looking for in a matter of days. We have checked out other professional artist and Joshuas creativity and attention to detail was unmatched. Thanks for the great work Josh! Visit his web site to see his other artistic masterpieces. www.joshuajanes.com
We would also like to thank Tina from TnT Graphics for making our sticker and referring us to Joshua. you can visit her web site at www.graphicstnt.com 

SB2400 (7"x24" sluice)

SB4019 (7"x40" with 19" flare)

10x49"sluice with 20"flare
SB4920 (10x49 / 20"flare)
2008 Gold Pan Racing video

Click on the GPRA logo to see the 2008 gold pan racing video and to see the Gold Pan Racing Association official rules. 
Have Fun!

custom engraved sluice by Chuck Lassiter

Custom engraved sluice done by Chuck Lassiter
Contact Chuck for your custom engraving needs at:


North Carolina Hydro-Force Field Test Video:

part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Ohio State Prospectors Association

The OSPA was founded in Jan. 2008. The members have worked very hard to establish this club. The club meets on the 4th Sunday of the month. We joined in Feb. 2008 and have met so many nice people from all over including Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. If you would like more information on becoming a member please go to there web site.
       The OSPA invites you to attend one of their meetings to see what the club is about and to have fun!

The OSPA has three claims: Mt.Vernon Ohio, Manisfield Ohio, and Southern Ohio near Georgetown on Strait Creek

Ohio State Prospectors Association

Southwest Ohio Gold

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